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Sirus® / Sirus® Mini
The progressive lens for today's active presbyopes 
Best for
Active presbyopes looking for a multi-usage lens, providing a comfortable vision whatever the situation

The consumer is more and more active. His daily life is full of activities requiring more precision in near and intermediate vision.

Sirus meets the needs of each active progressive wearer. It’s an easy-to-use progressive lens dedicated to presbyopes looking for a multi-usage lens that will provide them with good vision whatever the situation.

  An innovative concept: the "shock absorber lens"

The “shock-absorber” concept of Sirus is based on having an all-terrain lens with comfortable vision on each area of the lens, whatever the wearer’s activity and age.

The idea started from the fact that a single vision lens is the most comfortable and easy to use solution. Our R&D team found a new way to design a progressive lens, by associating both benefits of a single vision lens with the digital surfacing technology, allowing in order to better manage the geometry of the lens.


 As a result: a robust design for everyday situations 

 - Performance maintained, even in case of fitting deviation

 - Less sensitive to variations of the lens position on the nose 
 - Ergonomic and comfortable to use in different postures - stability of the vision zones position



A revolutionary lens design concept in 3 steps

1. The front side provides a spherical single vision for the far vision centred on the fitting cross.
2. The back side of the lens is optimised to provide a single vision for the near vision centred on the near vision point.
3. Both far and near vision zones are linked thanks to the work carried out on the back surface with the digital calculation. This enables a soft and regular power variation. Aberrations are controlled for each prescription. The aberration control index measures simultaneously the maximum aberration and the maximum slope according to the addition.

Technical characteristics 
 Digital Surfacing on the back surface
Progression length at 85% from the addition: 13,2 mm
 Minimum fitting height recommanded: 18 mm

  Digital Surfacing on the back surface
 Progression length at 85% from the addition: 11 mm
 Minimum fitting height recommanded: 16 mm