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Single vision lenses
A complete range for each ametropia
  Aspheo : extra-wide vision for single vision wearers            

Aspheo offers single-vision wearers the pleasure of total visual freedom. The visual acuity is perfect under all circumstances and for all gaze directions and the visual comfort thus clearly improved.

 The solution to oblique astigmatism

When the gaze crosses the lens with an oblique line, gaps of dioptria power measurements occur in the peripheral area. The gap is even more important when the lens power is high. As a result, a point seen by the wearer becomes a blurred ellipse. This optical default called oblique astigmatism affects the optical quality of a standard single vision lens. Aspheo greatly minimises blurred peripheral vision and the visual field is wider up to 30%.

 An optimisation made possible thanks to Digital Surfacing

Thanks to Digital Surfacing technology which measures with precision all the lens’ data - sphere and cylinder power measurements -, the full prescription is taken into account during the lens manufacturing. Thus, the lens is optimised for all gaze directions.


 Aspheo PdM: guarantees performance for specific wearing conditions

Taking additional parameters into account, Aspheo PdM preserves Aspheo’s visual acuity performance while being particularly adapted to specific wearing conditions:

  • Small or very large frames
  • Unusual pantoscopic angle
  • Wrap-around frames.

    Aspheo/Aspheo PdM is particularly recommended for wearers with strong ametropia:
  •  myope with sphere measurements >3.00D
  • hyperope with sphere measurements >2.00D
  • astigmat with cylinder >1.00D
    and is now available in each material, on Diam’s® and Neva®+ coatings (except in 1.74, on Neva®+ only), in white and Transitions® VI versions.


  Ranges according to the correction required by the wearer

 Made to order : these prescription lenses cover all corrections, even the strongest of ametropias.
 Stock+ : these stock lenses cover the most common corrections.  Available in all materials, they are delivered quickly and at attractive prices.

  Spherical and aspherical lenses

 Unor : traditional spherical single vision lenses
 Asphor : aspherical  single vision lenses

Both are adapted to different ametropias and the needs expressed by the wearers: the aspheric lenses allow the wearer to choose flatter lenses, even at higher correction levels, principally on convex lenses.  Their optical quality is optimised to correct optical faults resulting from the flattening of the lens.  They are available in all materials, in organic (1.5, Polycarbonate, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74) and mineral (1.5, 1.6, 1.7,1.8 and 1.9).


  More information

Correcting either short or long sightedness, single vision lenses: 
 promote natural vision 
 and are advised for simple ametropias: myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism.